All members of Delta Holding have a regulated waste disposal in accordance with the Law on Environmental Protection and Law on Waste Management, in cooperation with an operator for the collection of non-hazardous packaging waste that is engaged at the level of the Company. The Company continually strives to raise the awareness of its employees about the importance of waste reduction and its proper treatment.

Employees’ premises are equipped with segregated bins for paper, plastic, and tins in canteens. Places for disposal are marked with posters which contain instructions on proper selection and the importance of recycling.

Collection of hazardous waste is delegated to the operators which have demonstrated their conscientiousness and compliance with applicable legal regulations through their extensive experience in hazardous waste management.

At all Delta Agrar locations, the packaging of plant protection products is rinsed with water three times, since it is treated as hazardous waste. The packaging thus becomes a non-hazardous waste before it reaches the operator, which additionally protects the environment in which we live and work.

With these important measures and major projects planned for the following year, Delta Agrar Group demonstrates its ecological awareness, care for environmental protection and leaves a healthier and greener world to future generations.

Delta Pak is a non-profit organization which operates as a part of Delta Holding. As a packaging waste and packaging management operator, Delta Pak organizes the establishment of an integrated system of packaging waste management in accordance with the environmental protection principles, international standards, and applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia. In 2020, its license for the operator of the packaging waste and packaging management issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection for a period of 5 years was extended for the third time.

Delta Pak maintains regular cooperation with clients and fosters cooperation which implies field work and problem solving on site, expert consulting and recommendations with regard to waste management, keeping of records on quantities and reporting to national services. Its aim is to establish a sustainable waste management system with each client, in accordance with legal regulations.

In 2020, Delta Pak had contracts with 129 clients, including all Delta Holding members. All clients were able to fulfil national goals.

General national goal for the Republic of Serbia for the year 2020 was 61%. The quantity placed on the market in 2020, for which clients assigned the obligation to Delta Pak, i.e. the overall quantity of packaging placed on the market of the Republic of Serbia by legal entities or entrepreneurs which assigned their obligations to Delta Pak amounts to 16,538.17 t.

The total quantity of packaging waste reused and recycled by Delta Pak amounts to 10,893.90 t, out of which 3,339.89 t stems from municipal waste. Based on the said data, it is evident that general national goals for the Republic of Serbia in 2020 were met in the value of 65.86 % in term of reuse and recycling of packagin waste.

Reports of the Environmental Protection Agency confirm the leading position Delta Pak holds in the realization of national goals for a number of years. According to the latest report for 2019 published on the official website of the Environmental Protection Agency, Delta Pak took over 66.1% of packaging waste, whereas the national goals laid down by the applicable regulation requested 60%. All other waste operators recycled less than Delta Pak, which means that all Delta Holding members exceeded national goals with regard to recycling.

In 2020, Delta Pak concluded cooperation contracts for the fulfilment of national goals with regard to packaging and packaging waste management with 29 companies which have authorization to collect and recycle non-hazardous packaging waste.

In addition to packaging management, Delta Pak provides consulting services in the area of environmental protection, management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, special procedures with regard to disposal of waste and chemicals and safe transport of dangerous goods. In 2020, Delta Pak established cooperation with 39 clients, sharing its expert knowledge from the specified areas.

In 2020, under the changed circumstances caused by the pandemic, in addition to in-house trainings, the Company organized online trainings on waste management and environmental protection for external clients and members of Delta Holding. Clients and members were informed about good ecological practices, legal regulations, prescribed documents, and obligations with regard to waste management that need to be performed on a daily basis.

As a special kind of training, Delta Pak posted online guidelines for the protection of environment and efficient use of energy “Ekokutak”, a document first drafted in 2016 with the aim of raising environmental awareness of employees. With 12 interesting, educative texts, Delta Pak informed Company’s employees about new findings in ecology, and gave them a chance to read useful advice whose implementation on a daily basis may contribute to the preservation of our environment. As reading of one text in Ekokutak takes approximately 10 minutes a month, i.e. 120 minutes a year, DH employees received about 6,000 hours of mini-education on annual level.

One of Delta Pak’s new practices in 2020 is the extensive use of social networks. Besides the existing work standards, digital communication is yet another form to modernize information of general public and provide support, with the aim of enhancing communication with clients and stakeholders.

To prevent any possible accidents, as a consultant for safe transport of dangerous goods, Delta Pak educates its clients about legal regulations and the risks of handling dangerous goods. In 2020, the operator organized training courses on the safe transport of dangerous on the properties of Delta Agrar.

In 2020, on the territory of the city of Zaječar, Delta Pak advocated for the reduction of packaging waste on local landfills. It organized lectures for school children, and plans to continue to raise awareness and educate local population about proper waste segregation and disposal.

In 2020, Delta Pak was a member of working groups which were formed to draw up and modify regulations in the Ministry of Environmental Protection.