For 6 years in a row, within the project “Third Parent” Delta’s employees in cooperation with the association “Putokaz“ from Novi Sad have helped in preservation of biological families whose children are faced with the possibility of mandatory  relocation to the institutions of social protection. The aim of the project is to help the families become fully functional through day-to-day counselling, support in legal and health protection and representation of children’s rights. The project also supports children’s education and acquisition of various skills necessary for healthy development.

In 2020, 134 employees looked after 50 children. Throughout the year, every “third parent” prepared gift packages for children in accordance with their wishes and needs – for holidays, birthdays and the beginning of the schoolyear. Children had the possibility to attend sports trainings, extracurricular activities and excursions. To facilitate the communication with children, the program also includes a social worker whose responsibility is to visit families and help them overcome the challenges they are faced with. The goal of every third parent is to help the child in his/her care have a happier and healthier childhood. Children who participate in the project will have support of the third parent until the end of their formal education. The program is open to all those who wish to become third parents and look after children in need of a helping hand.