Attendees of the program The Future of Delta are Delta Holding’s young, talented employees with distinguished achievements who are being prepared to take over managerial positions.

The purpose of this program is to identify and create a career plan for outstanding employees who stand out among others in terms of their potential, energy, results, knowledge, self-development, and development of the colleagues they cooperate with. In the course of this two-year program, colleagues attend special trainings, workshops and coaching sessions in order to upgrade their knowledge and skills and prepare themselves for managerial positions.

In 2020, colleagues continued to attend individual coaching sessions, aimed at personal and professional growth.

From July to November, they were mentors on project tasks to their colleagues from the talent program Young Leaders. Young leaders worked on projects within teams and presented their solutions at the end of November through Microsoft Teams Platform.

Experts are difficult to find, but they really do stand out. Primarily with their knowledge. Secondly, with the accomplishments realized in their line of work, which arise from knowledge. Measurable results speak for themselves, as well as good business decisions and accomplishments in various aspects of their work.

Delta Holding is fortunate to be able to boast a number of employees who are true experts in their line of work. They devoted much of their time and effort to the work they excel in. The Company decided to give them a well-deserved recognition and formed a club of which they will be honorary members.

The program was launched at the end of 2020, and the colleagues which become members, besides special benefits, will gain the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues from different businesses through various courses and lectures.

Finance and assets used to be at the top of the corporate value pyramid, but today, it is considered that people are the greatest value of any company. For this reason, Delta deeply cares about mentorship, or development of successors for particular positions within the system.

In order for a company to keep growing and developing new generations of managers, mentorship needs to be a permanent and integral part of the business philosophy and everyday conduct.

Succession plan is the process of identifying one or more successors and preparation of such successors for the expanded responsibilities through various tasks and development activities, allowing the business to continue to grow in the future. This year, at the level of the entire company, an important strategic decision was made to further develop mentorship and work on the creation of successors for the key positions in the business system.

The Company is aware of the importance of a solid succession plan because of the quick, radical and discontinuous changes, complex challenges, increased responsibility of the management at lower levels, recruiting and retention of top talents.

The Company recognized the need to support and motivate the career development of young, talented people without work experience, and in 2012 launched an innovative program dedicated to them. The program Young Leaders provides young, educated individuals without work experience with the opportunity to gain work experience. During the first 9 years, about 22,000 young people applied for the program, and 296 of them got the opportunity to become Young Leaders. The selection process consists of 5 rounds. The first round, carried out online, tests the knowledge of English, general knowledge and compatibility with the values of the company. The following round includes additional online testing of cognitive skills and personality tests. In the third round, candidates have an interview with a colleague from HR department, after which in the fourth round candidates are given a case study to resolve in groups, where once again the knowledge of English is tested through translation of a piece of writing. The candidates who reach the 5th round of selection process have a final interview with Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development, Marija Desivojević Cvetković.

This one-year program includes 3 rotations, each of which lasts for 4 months. In this period, young leaders are given the chance to work in different Delta Holding’s sectors and member companies in order for them to gain insight into the operation of the Company. Rotations allow them to become acquainted with the jobs and processes within different sectors which suit their interests, education, and the needs of the Company. Throughout the program, mentors monitor their work and pass their knowledge and experience in the best possible manner. Upon the completion of a one-year program, the best participants get the opportunity to extend cooperation.

In January 2020, the Company welcomed the eighth generation of Young Leaders, with 46 new colleagues starting their work. As many as 2,934 candidates applied for the contest for the eighth generation.

After the official reception, during the first introductory week, participants had the chance to learn about the business activities of the Company through visits and colleagues’ presentations.

In 2020, the eighth generation attended a two-day training course “Planning and Organization”.

As of 2017, Young Leaders have been a part of the Company’s digital transformation. In 2020, with their ideas and projects, they contributed to the innovation of business processes. In order to be able to realize their ideas in the best possible manner, they attended Microsoft Office 365 training course. The projects they had worked on were presented at the end of the year and the winning team was awarded for their idea.

At the end of 2020, after several rounds of selection, the best 60 Young Leaders of the 9th generation were selected. This generation is the most numerous so far.

This program has multiple benefits – creativity and new energy revitalize corporate culture and encourage business development, and on the other hand, the program is beneficial for the community, as it offers practical education and contributes to the retention of young people in Serbia.

Educational program Compass was launched in cooperation between Delta Holding and the Association of Students of the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. The program is intended for students of the second, third and final years of studies, and gives them a chance to learn from Delta’s experts through lectures and workshops, to visit Delta’s factories and properties, meet the president and top management of the Company and experience team spirit while working on the tasks and case studies within the Company’s areas of business. The purpose of the program is to give students a chance to step into the world of business and gain first-hand insight into what it takes to run business in one of the most successful companies in Serbia.The topics of the lectures are various and include: leadership, teamwork, strategic decision-making, time management, communication, the skills of negotiation and communications, etc.

From July to December 2020, fifty-two third-year and fourth-year students from ten different faculties had the chance to learn from Delta’s experts through interactive online lectures.

In a six-month period, students attended various online lectures held by senior vice presidents, CEOs and support sector managers. They learned about the way different business function within the system, the importance of strategic thinking in business, distribution of renowned brands, importance of technology and innovations in business, controlling system, financial and production management.

At the online interview with the former president, current Chairman of the Managing Board, Miroslav Mišković, students learned more about entrepreneurship, business and the manner of work under the changed circumstances caused by the pandemic of Covid-19.