All Delta Holding members support the development of local community through numerous and various projects carried out by Delta Foundation. Delta Foundation was established in 2007, as the first corporate foundation in Serbia, with the aim of restoring the tradition of endowment in our country. From its establishment up to present, Delta Foundation has left two endowments to our community:

  • Daycare centre for persons with disabilities “Sunce” and
  • Centre for sport and recreation of persons with disabilities “Iskra”.

In addition to its endowment projects, Delta Foundation also donated a sculpture “From There to Here”, a piece of art that adorns the pedestrian bridge which connects the Kalemegdan Fortress and Sava Quay in Belgrade.

The aims of Delta Foundation include:

  • implementation of development projects aimed at supporting our community,
  • providing aid to vulnerable groups,
  • supporting education and culture,
  • social entrepreneurship strengthening,
  • providing aid to the community in states of emergency caused by natural disasters and other circumstances.

Since it was established up to the end of 2020, Delta Foundation carried out 3,960 humanitarian activities, invested 39 million EUR in the community, and provided aid for 754,124 citizens of Serbia.