All current and envisaged CSR activities aimed at providing aid to the community were continued in a manner adjusted to the circumstances.

Instead of receiving donations in kind for Easter, children from endangered families, supported through the project Third Parent, received financial aid that was paid into the bank accounts of their parents.

The locals from the project Our Village, whose aim is to share knowledge on modern agricultural practices and provide aid in financing, were advised through Viber groups. They sent us photos of their orchards and facilities under construction so that we could monitor progress.  We communicated with them on a regular basis and advised them over the phone with regard to credit approval for the investments in modernization of agriculture. Since markets were closed for a while, we launched Our Village Market with the aim of selling countryside products to our employees. This way, we helped them overcome the crisis and retain their income.

Crowne Plaza hotel prepared 150 meals a day for medical staff working in Covid hospitals in Belgrade – Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Department of Pulmonology of the Clinical Hospital Centre Belgrade, Clinical Hospital Centre Dragiša Mišović and Clinical Hospital Centre Zvezdara. In addition, our Company donated a disinfection tunnel to the hospital Dragiša Mišović.

The Fun&Fit Company realized a humanitarian project and delivered more than 100 food packages to persons over the age of 65 who were not allowed to leave their homes due to the situation caused by the pandemic.