To develop the materiality matrix, the Company used the results of surveys conducted with the management, employees and external stakeholders about the importance of the following issues in relation to: economic results, laws and regulations, internal procedures, code of conduct, business strategy, employees’ health and safety, environment, and the Company’s reputation.

In 2020, Health and Safety at Work became a priority issue as in the course of the pandemic of Covid-19, it was of utmost importance to ensure safe work environment that would enable protection of employees’ health.

The assessment of their importance is outlined in the diagram. Company’s stakeholders include the management, employees, buyers, suppliers, contractors, office area tenants, banks, civil associations, non-governmental organizations, business associations, educational institutions, and the media.

Survey conducted among stakeholders was carried out with the aim of identifying priority issues of sustainable development in 2018, whereas in 2019 and 2020, the Company focused on the improvement of these issues. Activities and results achieved in these areas will be presented in chapters Responsibility for Products and Services, Environmental Protection, Employee Development, and Community Support.