The total number of employees in 2020 amounted to 3,256. During the year, 905 persons were engaged through various contracts.

Besides the fact that it observes all applicable legal regulations, the Company has built a strong and clearly defined corporate culture, in compliance with ethical business principles which stipulate respect for non-discrimination principles, human and employment rights and provision of equal opportunities for career development to everyone.

One of the key elements of the Company’s success is a balanced age structure, which ensures unique combination of the ideas of the young and knowledge of more experienced colleagues.

Equal participation of men and women has been one of the key elements of success in the realization of goals and excellent business results. There are more women than men in the management of the Company, whereas this ratio in different members of the system is in compliance with the nature of the work. Out of the total number of employees, men make up 61% and women 39% of the workforce.

Women’s empowerment and support is an important part of the agenda for sustainable development of the Company. Its aim is to encourage women’s ambitions and self-confidence, and raise awareness of the society about the importance of women in business.

The policy of equality defines that all employees must have equal opportunities for professional growth and strictly prohibits any kind of discrimination.

The Company integrated certain parts of the Ethical Code in the Employment Contract since 2014, thus allowing every new employee to learn the abovementioned rules and principles, the business culture of the Company, as well as standards and procedures implemented by the HR Department. Delta Holding has never discriminated, nor will it ever discriminate any job applicant on the basis of gender, nationality, age, race, pregnancy, family responsibilities, health, social background, financial situation, sexual orientation, political orientation, membership in a trade union or political organization or any other personal characteristic. The Company is committed to protecting personal data of all candidates. Minors are not allowed to work in the Company.

When a new vacancy appears, employees have the possibility to apply and develop their career in another part of the system. Initiative for redirection may stem from an employee or the management, when the need for the development of a certain business segment arises. In both cases, the employee is presented with a written offer he/she is supposed to consider with his/her immediate manager. The employee should respond to the offer within eight days.

Persons with disabilities are entitled to have conditions for professional training and employment in accordance with their capabilities. In 2020, the Company employed 59 persons with disabilities. On its intranet portal, the Company posted Etiquette and guidelines for interacting with persons with disabilities, to help the employees create a welcoming and supporting atmosphere for their colleagues with disabilities. The Company provided support to the organization Forum of Youth with Disabilities in developing their portal for the employment of persons with disabilities. This platform offers the possibility to socially responsible companies to find a suitable candidate for their team. This way, the Company helped unemployed persons with disabilities to reach employers.

In 2020, there were no complaints with regard to the violation of human rights and non-discrimination principles.

The salary of an employee is determined solely in accordance with the requirements of a specific job and employee’s skills and qualifications. Salary consists of a base salary, a portion for performance and increased salary.  Base salary is defined by employer’s general act (Work Regulations or Collective Agreement) and expressed in the employment contract in a nominal gross value for full-time working hours and standard work performance. Salary may be increased up to a stipulated percent in accordance with the provisions of the general act, depending on the performance of the employee and Company’s business results.

There are organized trade unions in Danubius and Yuhor factories and the properties of Topola, Jedinstvo, Kozara, and Napredak, which counted 568 members on 31/12/2020. Delta Holding fosters collective negotiation practices and supports the activities of trade unions. The provisions of collective agreements concluded between the Company and trade unions regulate the rights and obligations of 229 employees.

In 2020, the Company undertook all necessary measures to protect the health of its employees. At the peak of pandemic, all employees whose nature of work allows so were instructed to work from home. In 2020, occupancy of the work space did not exceed 50%, which contributed to the safety of work environment. Apart from all the measures we have taken to protect them from the virus, we also worried about their feelings in the pandemic surrounding. We have organized on-line consultations with psychologists from a Start-Up agency, so the employees had a chance to share their worries and receive valuable advice from these experts.

As a socially responsible company, Delta Holding introduced new and improved the existing employee benefits. The amount of solidarity allowance for the first, second and third child was doubled, and the allowance in the event of the death of a family member was increased by five times. More employees earned the right to private health insurance. A support procedure was introduced at the level of the company to aid the employees and their family members in the event of a severe illness.

All employees are entitled to the number of days off work as defined by the law. In addition, they are entitled to paid leave in the event of: illness (1 day off), change of residence, education/professional training in their own arrangement.

Delta Holding introduced the following benefits to support parentship :

  • annual financial aid for single parents with minor children (in accordance with the number of children)
  • gift package for a newborn,
  • flexible working hours for mothers with preschool children,
  • a day off for parents on the child’s first day of school (at the beginning of a new schoolyear),
  • gift package with school utensils for first graders.

The abovementioned procedures and benefits are communicated by superiors and made available to all employees. Documents that define these procedures are available on Delta Holding’s intranet portal.

The Company ensured:

  • flexible working hours for all employees,
  • remote work two days a month,
  • longer annual leave depending on professional qualifications and years of service with the Company,
  • scholarships for children of deceased employees were extended by another 6 years (from the age of 18 to the age of 24).

The Company also distributed:

  • gifts for ladies on March 8th and
  • New Year gifts with different products of Delta’s members for all employees.

Despite the situation caused by the pandemic, the Company successfully organized and realized a number of trainings and lectures. The emphasis was on the creation of new opportunities for employee growth and development. The majority of trainings in 2020 were organized online, through different platforms. Employees accepted the new form of training with pleasure and achieved outstanding results.

Delta Agrar’s human resources and marketing departments introduced more intense internal communication, with the aim of maintaining motivation and connectedness of the colleagues within the system in the changed circumstances brought about by the pandemic of Covid-19.

In April, the Company started distributing weekly educational HR bulletin under the name HR Thursday, with various topics aiming at the improvement of time management, focus, relief of work-related stress and advice on goal setting, resilience, emotional intelligence, assertive communication, efficient meetings, delegation of duties, leadership styles, social anxiety at workplace, the culture of learning, importance of experts, etc. The bulletin covered 32 different topics and the activity is planned to continue throughout 2021.

For the colleagues on field, the Company initiated a top employee contest in 9 different work units across Serbia. The following work units participated in the project:

  • Distribution of agricultural products: Processing centre Sombor and feed factory in Stara Pazova;
  • Fruit and vegetables: Cold Store Čelarevo;
  • Stock farming: Pig farm Banatsko Veliko Selo, Vladimirovac farm, Zaječar farm, Petrović salaš farm, centre for artificial insemination and Nukleus.

Two hundred employees won the title “Employee of the Month” and were publicly praised.

Towards the end of the year, the Company launched an online educational campaign for partners and consumers. The campaign, which will continue throughout 2021, aims to educate partners and consumers through a series of educational posts, present benefits of individual products, and discuss important local matters that are important for the community in which it operates.

In 2021, the focus will be on the encouragement of innovations and development of agility through growth and digital transformation of HR processes. Internal trainings will instigate cooperation and sharing of knowledge among employees. Employer branding will be enriched with enhanced onboarding process, activities on social networks and cooperation with different institutions such as Mokra Gora School of Management and Serbian Association of Managers. By establishing cooperation with universities and high schools, Delta Agrar will continue to support talented young people across Serbia.

In 2020, Yuhor organized 1,579 hours of external training courses, which were intended for all levels: management, employees in the production plant (managers/administrators) and retail (sales personnel, butchers, supervisors). The focus was on communication skills such as constructive communication, advanced communication, development, team work, and leadership. In addition, Yuhor organized education aimed at improving the competence of all managers and expert associates, courses aimed at increasing the level of engagement and initiative, situational management, conflict management, and change management. Courses were organized within retail network to achieve maximum efficiency and quality of service. The training course “With excellent service to top results” was attended by all employees in retail. This way, the Company standardizes service in the network of stores Yuhor Dućan and enhances their operation.

In addition to external lectures, the Company organized more than 1,500 hours of internal expert education on Health and Safety at Work and Fire Protection, training courses in accordance with the requirements of HACCP, ISO and IFS standard. Courses were mainly organized online due to the circumstances caused by the pandemic of Covid-19.

In accordance with the situation caused by the pandemic and introduced remote work, DTS provided online trainings to all employees, who had the option to choose among three different courses depending on their needs. The emphasis was on general technical know-how such as the knowledge of Excel, English, project management, financial management, etc. The Company organized 2,500 hours of online training, which were attended by 120 employees.

In 2020, 42 employees in Delta Auto Group underwent performance management process, with a tendency to increase the number of employees and expand the process every year.

The employees who expressed the need for individual work and training had individual coaching sessions and a professional business coach at their disposal. The training on assertive communication was attended by 16 employees, 11 employees attended Giving Feedback, and 7 employees attended specialized marketing trainings organized by an external consultant Lazar Džamić. GDPR training was attended by 32 employees. Besides various technical trainings for employees in sales and post-sales, the Company also organized trainings for new employees – introduction into the brand.

In 2020, the emphasis was on internal trainings. Due to the specific situation resulting from the pandemic, technical coaches organized lectures online, and the employees had the possibility to watch recordings on a YouTube channel. Innovative ways of training organization were very successful and brought excellent results.

Employees in Delta Auto Group had 2.252,5 hours of internal and external trainings in 2020. The number of courses increased in comparison with the previous year.

In 2020, employees in the hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade attended numerous trainings. The Company spent 3,594 hours in total on trainings, courses and lectures in the domain of brand introduction, new standards and procedures, and the courses related to the epidemiological crisis.

Year 2020 was largely marked by the pandemic of Covid 19, due to which intense communication with all employees turned out as decisive. Online meetings on the level of individual sectors were organized weekly, as well as general meetings of all employees. The Company introduced flexible working hours, and non-operative sectors were allowed to work from home whenever the nature of work allowed so. The management of the hotel spent more time with employees in the situation.

All employees regularly repeated the training course for “IHG Way of Clean”, which was organized in several versions. The versions were adapted to the attendees – management, employees in the household and employees in other sectors. In such way, employees were trained for the application of all standards, gained more self-confidence and motivation to provide their maximum when it comes to cleanliness.

Under these specific circumstances, employees participated in all CSR activities – environmental protection, cleaning of the surroundings, tree planting in the vicinity of the hotel, water and power saving, lectures on recycling, and community support. All employees actively participated in IHG Green Engage Program and continue to adhere to the values this program promotes under the slogan “Act responsibly, save the nature”.

The hotel is about to complete all tasks from the second level of Green Engage Program.

One of the values of the Company is to always strive to the highest achievements, at work and on the sports field.

In 2020, Delta Running Team took part in 5 races in Serbia. Due to the pandemic, the team did not participate in the Moscow Half Marathon.

  • The team finished 1st and 3rd in the humanitarian relay race in Novi Sad “For a child’s smile”.
  • In Kopaonik Trail Race in pairs the team won the 1st and 3rd place.
  • At “Belgrade Business Run” the team finished second.

All registration fees were financed by the Company.