In 2020 Delta Holding started the development of the e-commerce platform Ananas, which will become active in 2021. Company’s mission is to connect buyers and vendors on a reliable online shopping platform.

The plan for the platform is to initially cover the market of Serbia, and then to expand to other countries in the region.

Delta Holding will invest 100 million euros in the new business in the next 5 years, and its main advantage will be the timely delivery of products to the home address in accordance with the customer’s request. To achieve this, Ananas will focus on logistics, inventory optimization, delivery and return organization in case of a complaint.

There is currently a great need on the Serbian market for the development of such a modern e-commerce platform. This was especially emphasized during the pandemic, when access to retail facilities was limited.

Resity Technologies is an SAP consulting center and one of the startups whose development was initiated by Delta Holding, with the aim of further developing as the Company’s new business in the field of technology.

The main focus of the Company is to provide services to customers and partners, supporting them with highly qualified SAP experts and Junior SAP consultants in the implementation of their projects.

The Resity team consists of senior and junior SAP consultants who offer crossindustry support for multiple SAP modules and platforms. Resity Technologies also organizes trainings and certification for young people, as well as their involvement in numerous international projects. In addition to SAP training, young people also receive German language classes. This is another way of Delta Holding encouraging young people to learn and master new technologies and businesses, and thus provide themselves with top-paying jobs that they can perform in their country for the companies around the world.

Apart from Serbia, Resity Technologies also operates in Croatia under the name Spectrum Solutions.

Delta Holding recognized the potential of new technologies and machine learning in the field of smart agriculture and provided support to a number of startups in this field. Considering the real problems faced by the farmers, the teams behind MapMyApple, Krops and Smart Watering have developed applications that allow users to apply all aspects of modern precise agriculture.

MapMyApple is a sophisticated solution that provides full support to apple producers and can be an addition or replacement for fruit growing technologists, monitoring apple growing in all phenophases, predicting diseases and pests, and proposing all agronomic measures based on machine learning.

KROPS is AI-powered data management and predictive analytics platform tailored to corporate fruit growers and their team of crop protection experts. It collects data from a weather station (and other sources) in your orchard and turns them into insights that, combined with your experts’ decisions, maximizes yield and profits.

Smart Watering provides modern solutions for remote irrigation management, which is achieved by integrating advanced modules that automate existing irrigation systems and mobile applications through which the user monitors all parameters and receives suggestions for semi-automatic or automatic irrigation. In practice, the system achieves far better results than conventional irrigation management systems with water savings of over 30%.