United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary association whose members incorporate ten universal sustainability principles in their business operation. These principles include respect for human and labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. As the world’s largest civil initiative, Global Compact involves all relevant social actors: public institutions, companies, trade unions, and civil society organizations that represent wider community and the United Nations. Delta Holding has been a member of the association since 2007, and the member of Global Compact Board since 2015. The Company actively participates in the meetings of the European UN Global Compact Networks and transfers new knowledge and global trends to its members in Serbia. With other members of the Managing Board, the Company initiates and implements numerous conferences and events that contribute to the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda.

Responsible Business Forum is a network of leading companies that contribute to community development, thus encouraging the development of corporate social responsibility. The Forum connects business leaders with the representatives of other areas of society, fostering cross-sectoral dialogue, cooperation, and exchange of good practices. The Forum develops practical and sustainable solutions for all four CSR pillars: the local community, environment, workplace and market. Delta Holding became a member of the Responsible Business Forum and Board of Directors in 2015. Representatives of the Company are actively involved in the promotion of the principles of social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, education of youth, and corporate volunteerism.

Serbian Association of Managers is a manager association established in 2006, which continuously improves the managerial profession by developing it according to the values of economic security, friendship, continuous transformation and responsible leadership in order to achieve goals in areas of professional development and connect managers, as well as with regard to dialogues with economic policy makers and international cooperation. As a full member of European Management Association (EMA) and associate member of Confederation Europeenne des Cadres (CEC), SAM focuses on promoting the best business practices, companies and responsible business, launching socially responsible initiatives, affirmation of young people, professional development of managers and promotion of the managerial profession. Delta Holding has been a member of SAM and its Managing Board since 2017. Representatives of the Company have actively promoted sustainable business and leadership, life-long learning, inclusive digitalization and participated in the work of the gender equality group Voice of European Managers in EU.

The Gender Equality Alliance promotes the idea of an inclusive culture in which both women and men are appreciated due to their unique contributions at work, in society and in family. Delta Holding is one of the first companies that joined the Alliance and signed the Charter on Gender Equality. The signatory companies obliged to create and promote equal opportunities for career development of men and women, to promote equal representation at all levels and positions and to ensure equal wages for the same jobs in companies. Delta Holding, as a good business practice example in the area of gender equality, has been actively participating in creating strategic goals of the Alliance for achieving greater results by promoting all the benefits of the well-balanced gender structure and by strengthening the local community in this area.