Importance of Information

The vision of Delta Holding is to be a strong global company recognisable for its values and to realize its goals in a manner that satisfies the needs of all stakeholders. In this respect, the CSR Report contains information which may be of interest to all parties which are in direct or indirect contact with the Company.


One of the principles of sustainability reporting is to improve business cooperation, increase the level of general satisfaction with the operation of the Company and define plans for further development by creating preconditions for an efficient dialogue with stakeholders. The Company welcomes feedback on the content and quality of this Report and will duly take them into consideration for the purpose of preparing subsequent reports. Contact details for the provision of feedback are available at the end of this Report.


The Report contains information about the activities of Delta Holding on the territory of Serbia, unless otherwise specified in the text. Continuous business development harmonized with sustainability principles contributes to further development of Serbia and the region. Numerous memberships in international organisations and active participation in international conferences, fairs and seminars confirm that the Company strives to bring the best international experiences to Serbia. The five-year operative strategy clearly defines each segment of activity, taking into account possible changes in the region and the occurrence of other circumstances which may affect further growth and sustainability of operation.


The Report contains information and data which refer to 2020, which were compared, whenever applicable, with the information from 2019. Financial and economic indicators were taken from unrevised consolidated annual reports compiled for the needs of the management.


The Report contains information on all areas included in the presented GRI indicators, which are of relevance to stakeholders. Achieved results are presented, as well as the challenges that the Company faced in the given period. This provided insight into segments that require further improvement.


The application of GRI standards and specific indicators allows readers to compare Delta Holding’s Report with the reports of other companies. The Report also presents information for a comparable period wherever it is possible to do so, using the same measuring methods. In the event of application of a methodology different from the one used in the previous Report, the reasons and effects of the change are clearly specified. There was no correction of data published in the 2019 Report.


The Report contains qualitative and quantitative data, specified with utmost precision and accuracy. In the absence of original data, calculations were made and specified together with a detailed explanation of the methodology behind them. Financial and economic data can be found in the Company’s financial statements.


As the Report is published once a year, stakeholders have the possibility to adopt decisions in relation to their business cooperation with the Company in due time.


Observing the principles of clarity and simplicity, the text of the Report was written in clear and understandable language. Some of the terms and abbreviations are explained in footnotes.


According to the reporting principles adopted by the Company, the internal audit of the shown data was conducted.

Drafting of the Report

The Report was drawn up by the Department of Strategy and Development in cooperation with colleagues from Corporate Communications Department, Department of Finances, Controlling Department, HR Department, Delta Foundation, Delta Agrar Group, Delta Food Processing, Delta Real Estate Group, Delta Distribution and Delta MC. It was published on 21/07/2021.

Contact person for all questions in connection with the Report or its content is Tijana Koprivica, Chief Business Sustainability Officer (

For additional information about the operation of Delta Holding, visit

The list of GRI indicators includes the page numbers of the Report in pdf format, which can be found on the official website of the Company.