The Company undertakes a number of measures and activities with the aim of protecting the life and health of its employees. Delta Holding aims to ensure the highest level of health and safety at work and minimize occupational injuries, occupational illnesses or illnesses in connection with work. For this reason, strategic plans are devised every year to include investments in new technologies, training courses and lectures.

This area is a major part of business sustainability, which is why the Company appointed chief business sustainability officer as a person in charge of strategic improvement and monitoring of HSW and Fire Protection activities. Delta Holding’s manager for Health and Safety at Work and Fire Protection is directly responsible for the implementation of the strategy, consults, directs and controls work of persons in charge for this area in every member of the system.

All duties related to Health and Safety at Work and Fire Protection were integrated in the Company’s SAP system, which allows HSW and FP experts to have constant access to the information regarding the status of equipment, personal protective equipment, necessary inspections of the equipment, health condition and needs for employees’ medical checks in due time.

In 2020, all members strived to improve working conditions. Throughout the year, in factories and properties, the Company continually invested in the modernization of work equipment, fire protection and procurement of personal protection equipment. In the course of pandemic, the focus was on securing healthy and safe working environment with the aim of preventing possible spread of coronavirus. A Crisis Staff was established at the level of the Company, which maintained everyday contact with the colleagues on site. The Company primarily focused on the protection of employees’ health.  Factories, properties, farms, distribution centres, Yuhor stores, and vehicle maintenance centres continued to work and the main concern was to prevent the occurrence and spread of the virus among employees. For this reason, the Company implemented all necessary measures, which, among other things, included emails and notifications to employees about preventive measures. Preventive measures included: mandatory use of protective equipment, mandatory distance among employees in working and auxiliary premises, shift work and breaks, regular disinfection of the area between shifts and after working hours.

All employees received detailed instructions on the steps they need to take in the event they get infected with the virus Sars-Cov-2. Entrances were equipped with disinfection barriers and instructions were posted notifying the measures to be taken when third parties enter the premises, or at the time of loading and unloading of goods. In addition, all employees whose nature of work allows so were instructed to work from home. Offices and auxiliary premises were disinfected once a week by an authorised institute. On a daily basis, disinfection was carried out by a hygiene maintenance service. All offices and auxiliary premises were furnished with hand sanitizers and products for workplace disinfection. The Company adopted a rulebook on actions to be taken in the event an employee is confirmed to have Covid-19, which implied his/her isolation, and isolation of the persons which were in direct contact with the employee. Besides imposing all the precautionary measures, Company has engaged an epidemiologist to hold a lecture on SARS-Cov-2 virus, its specifics, transmission, protection and symptoms. Employees had a chance to ask the expert questions and receive answers which helped them in keeping themselves and their families protected and safe.

In 2020, HSW and FP training courses were mostly organized online.

In comparison with 2019, the number of injuries and lost working days was reduced. The largest number of injuries was recorded in Yuhor – 28 minor and 6 severe injuries. The most common causes of injuries were slips and sharp objects used in work processes.