One of the many projects of Delta Foundation is the program “Fund for the Future” initiated in 2006. The main purpose of the program is to support and motivate children without parental care, who live in social protection institutions, in their professional growth and development. Upon the completion of the program, these children are presented with employment opportunities which allow them to be independent and have a stable source of income in the future.

Basic principles of the program include:

  • orientation towards the future,
  • the program simulates reality which awaits the young in the process of employment and work
  • development of responsibility as the key element of healthy personal growth.

The program includes several stages.

The two-year program is realized through the following stages:

  • scholarship contest and selection of awardees,
  • theoretical and practical training,
  • monthly scholarship funding,
  • distribution of certificates and
  • employment.

Within the program “Fund for the Future”, scholarships are awarded to students who attend agricultural schools. In addition to scholarship, students get the opportunity to obtain their first professional experience in agriculture on Delta Agrar properties. In 2020, Delta Foundation provided scholarships for three students.