In 2020, Delta Holding business system managed to protect the health of its employees during the pandemic of Covid-19 and retain excellent business results at the same time. Due to the undertaken measures, the Company realized EBITDA of EUR 46.47 million, which is an increase of 7.5% in comparison with the previous year. Realized revenues amount to 511.63 million euros.

Operation of the Company was financed from the operating profit and the loans granted by banks and other financial institutions. Day-to-day activities were also financed from subsidies granted to all business entities in accordance with domestic laws. In 2020, all obligations toward financial banks arising from loans were settled in time, regardless of the offered moratorium.

In 2020, Delta paid 100 million euros to the budget of the Republic of Serbia, whereas in the period from 2000 to 2020, the total of 3 billion euros was paid in.

In 2020, EUR 414,695 have been invested through Delta Foundation’s humanitarian projects and other corporate social activities, with 1,300 people receiving aid.

In comparison with 2019, there was a significant rise in the export of food and agricultural products. With 16%, Delta Food Processing Group achieved the highest increase in export in 2020, followed by Delta Agrar Group with 10.9% and Delta Holding with the growth of 5.8%.