Care for people is one of the fundamental values of Delta Holding. With this in mind, the Company continually invests in the development of procedures and corporate culture which contribute to employee satisfaction, creates a supporting atmosphere for growth, innovation and creativity, with respect for diversity and other needs of employees.

The Company includes employees in decision-making processes, development of new processes and jobs, with the aim of strengthening the sense of belonging to the Company and contribution to overall business results.

A motivating work environment, based on respect for employees’ rights, in which they have the opportunity for personal and professional growth, was created to allow the employees to be fulfilled and satisfied at work. The Company continued to implement youth support projects through employment programs and internships for the students of high schools and universities.

In 2020, the focus of the Company was on workplace safety in the conditions of the pandemic. Work processes were organized in such a way that everyone with the possibility to do so was instructed to work from home. Office areas implemented all epidemiological measures for the protection of health of employees at work and prevention of the spread of coronavirus within the company.