Founded in 2004, Delta Real Estate Group is one of the leading regional companies in the real estate business, which mainly operates in Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

Activities of Delta Real Estate include:

  • strategic planning and development of projects,
  • project and construction management,
  • real estate management, control and marketing of the built facilities.

Its diverse portfolio includes shopping malls, retail parks, hotels, retail, office and residential spaces in Serbia and the region. It also includes logistic centres, car showrooms, and endowments.

Facilities are built at diverse locations – from pedestrian zones of the city of Belgrade and main roads leading to outskirts, to large cities across the country and the region.

Delta Real Estate engages international experts in the area of strategic and conceptual planning who pass on their knowledge and experience to the young members of staff employed by the company. Real estate management complies with international standards and requirements and the construction is carried out with the latest equipment and materials. Construction focuses on creating a healthy and modern space in compliance with environmental protection principles, needs of persons with disabilities and FIDIC rules (International Federation of Consulting Engineers).

In 2020, Delta Real Estate:

  • continued the construction of Delta House, a modern office centre which will be the new corporate domicile of Delta Holding;
  • continued the construction of Delta Planet shopping mall in Niš;
  • continued the construction of Indigo hotel in Belgrade.

Delta Planet in Banjaluka, which was opened in 2019, stretches across the area of 64,000 m2. With its 103 shops, it offers a wide range of renowned global brands to the residents of Banjaluka. Access and movement throughout the facility are entirely adapted to persons with disabilities, who have 52 parking spaces at their disposal. In addition, the mall is equipped with 9 electric vehicle chargers. The building has an energy passport. In the course of its construction, special emphasis was placed on the energy efficiency. Lighting was designed as a combination of natural and artificial light – natural light comes through the continuous glass lantern, whereas artificial lighting stems from LED lights. The latest materials were used for the construction of the façade and hydro-insulation and climate chambers with highly efficient rotary heat exchangers ensure that 87% of the waste heat is used for fresh air processing. In the transitional periods (spring, autumn), the facility is heated with heat recovery pumps and the energy of the sun that comes through vast glass surfaces. The value of the investment is EUR 70 million.

In 2020, Delta Planet realized revenue of 7.3 million euros and received 3.1 million visitors.

Within its CSR segment, Delta Planet Banjaluka organized a number of different activities:

  • The international Rare Disease Day was marked in cooperation with the Committee for international exchange of students of medicine of the Republic of Srpska (SaMSIC);
  • Delta Planet hosted an exhibition of works made by the users of Safe House, Shelter for women and children, victims of domestic violence;
  • School supplies were donated to users of Home for children and youth without parental care “Rada Vranješević”;
  • In cooperation with Ultra magazine, DP organized “Ultra bazar”; all collected funds were donated to the Association of women with breast cancer “Iskra”;
  • DP supported the action “Movember” by donating 100 T-shirts; the funds collected from the sale of T-shirts were given to charity. A photo point was placed inside Delta Planet and the initiative was promoted on social networks;
  • New Year gifts were distributed to children who use soup kitchen “Mosaic of Friendship”;
  • DP organized a Festival of homemade products during two weekends in October, with the aim of promoting homemade products produced by SME from the Republic of Srpska;
  • In the organization of the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of the Republic of Srpska, the promotion of the second „Forward” conference took place in Delta Planet.

Shopping mall Delta Planet Varna in Bulgaria, which was opened for public in 2019, is a joint project realized by Delta Real Estate Group and the Bulgarian company AP Investments. The shopping mall spreads across the gross area of 110,000 m2 and features 120 shops. The mall has three levels above ground and three underground levels. It is fully adapted to persons with disabilities, equipped with ramps and one electric ramp (which overcomes 7 stairs) at the cinema entrance. Inside the cinema, there are twenty-two places intended for persons with disabilities. Out of 1,200 parking spaces, 60 are intended for persons with disabilities. The shopping mall promotes and raises visitors’ environmental awareness. It is the only building in Varna furnished with “Strawberry” solar benches. The structure of the building is unique. In the course of construction, special emphasis was placed on the area intended for children. The Magic Tree and Galaxy Center are some of the attractions children greatly enjoy while their parents are busy shopping. The value of the investment of Delta Real Estate Group is EUR 120 million.

The portfolio of Delta Real Estate Group also includes a functional retail park – Delta Park in Kragujevac, opened in 2010. This center has a gross area of 16,000 m2 and 10 tenants.

Mala kula is an office space that offers modern and flexible working environment where tenants can enjoy peace and privacy, with a lounge area for relaxation and exchange of information. The office space spreads across 9,890 m2, out of which 7,500 m2 is intended for lease. The building has 40 parking places. One tenant uses the office building Mala kula and its capacities are 100% occupied.

Delta Business Properties includes 170 parking spaces and the area of 31,800 m2, out of which 15,272 m2 are intended for lease. The capacities are 100% occupied. In addition to the office space, both office buildings have other amenities which allow their tenants to spend quality time during the break and use their workday in the best possible manner. The office buildings feature a restaurant, a store and a gym. In 2017, a bicycle parking was built, allowing the employees to use a healthy means of transport to get to work. The joint garage includes a car wash and dry cleaning.

The hotels owned by Delta Holding – InterContinental Ljubljana, Crowne Plaza Belgrade and Holiday Inn Belgrade, operate in accordance with IHG standards. In 2021, the Company plans to open Indigo hotel, which will also be a part of IHG Group. All hotels implement the highest operative standards which primarily include respect for human and employment rights, environmental protection and community development. These standards comply with the standards of sustainable business Delta Holding adheres to.

Partnership between Delta Holding and InterContinental Hotels Group established in 2007 was successfully continued with the construction of InterContinental hotel in Ljubljana, the only 5-star hotel in the city. The hotel was opened for public in 2017. It has 165 rooms, two of which are intended for persons with disabilities. The restaurant is situated on the 20th floor, and spa centre on the 18th. The hotel was constructed with the latest eco-friendly building materials and to minimize the adverse effects of the artificial creation in the environment, whereas the entire area of the Bloom lounge cafeteria on the ground floor underwent soft landscaping. Facade lighting was designed not to have adverse effects on the birds in the surrounding area. There are 120 employees working in the hotel.

In the previous year, InterContinental Ljubljana fulfilled 10 out of 10 requirements which refer to loyalty, customer satisfaction with their stay and service in the hotel, employee satisfaction, and financial indicators, and was ranked one of the top 10 IHG hotels in Southern Europe. These parameters are monitored monthly throughout the year. Due to its attractiveness and pleasant ambience for stay and organization of exclusive events, the hotel was admitted to the associations of luxury hotels “Virtuoso” and “Fine Hotels & Resorts” and received a number of awards:

  • Tourist Prism Award – for new quality in tourism (2018);
  • SEEBTM – Award for the best newly opened hotel in the SE region;
  • Booking.com – Award for the best ranking hotel among competitors;
  • Certificate of Excellence (2019) – Congress Star (Congress Magazine) – score 4.82;
  • BIG SEE TOURISM AWARD (2019) – Best project (Grand Prix) in the category Architecture and design as experience;
  • IHG Hotel star awards – Heart Beat Tochbearer Award – recognition for an extraordinary achievement (2020);
  • Michelin guide restaurant (2020).

In addition to its appealing appearance and the fact that it attracts a number tourists from all over the world, the hotel participates in CSR activities which improve the quality of life of the local population. Thanks to the established partnerships with hotel management schools, the young have the opportunity to gain experience in hotel management and learn about high business standards fostered by IHG. The hotel cooperates with numerous charities and regularly participates in humanitarian events. Some of these include “Friends of Youth” (the hotel supported the association by donating clothes), voluntary blood donation and the “Noses” initiative, the aim of which is to entertain children in hospitals. The hotel has also established cooperation with the association that supports children with special needs. In July, August, and September 2020, the hotel staff prepared 100 meals for homeless persons on three occasions.

The hotel cares about environmental protection, separates and recycles all the waste that can be recycled – glass, carton, paper, bio waste. packaging waste (PET, aluminum, foil) light bulbs, batteries, and electronic waste. Wood and plastic packaging waste is collected and returned to suppliers for reuse.

Crowne Plaza Beograd is a part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, one of the largest hotel corporations in the world. It was opened in December 2013 after complete reconstruction of the hotel Continental Belgrade. The hotel has 416 rooms, 14 conference rooms, three restaurants, a spa centre and a swimming pool.

The hotel is entirely adapted to persons with disabilities and has 4 specially designed rooms, whereas the restaurant has menus in Braille Alphabet. Restaurants offer conventional, vegan, and gluten-free meals, as well as the meals prepared in accordance with HACCP standard.

In 2020, the pandemic of Covid-19 had a great impact on the operation of the hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade. Both management and employees were faced with great challenges. Nevertheless, the hotel management decided to continue working. As a part of IHG corporation, the hotel was one of few companies in Serbia which had an action plan of measures and activities to maintain functionality and operation of the company throughout the pandemic, in consideration of employees’ health and sustainability of the entire organization.

After the occurrence of Covid-19, Crowne Plaza Belgrade managed to adjust its operation and operative standards in a very short period of time. New standards were introduced, together with a new manner of provision of services, and the existing standards were relaxed in order to respond to clients’ requirements.

Under the changed economic circumstances, with introduced epidemiological measures, when the protection of health of guests and employees and provision of support to clients and the community was more important than profitable operation – Crowne Plaza demonstrated its capacity to embrace changes, make decisions in difficult circumstances, and adapt promptly to market conditions.

Crowne Plaza Belgrade, as the largest conference hotel in the region, was the first to feel the impact of the global drop in demand. Large groups and conferences started cancelling and postponing scheduled events. Due to the size of the hotel, its focus on large groups and conferences, good position and capacity, hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade was affected by the crisis before other, smaller city hotels.

Management of the hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade adapted to the situation in no time, focusing on the education of employees on epidemiological measures, face masks, necessary distance, gloves and maintenance of hygiene in the workplace. The employees were obliged to respect and implement new standards.

The hotel implements IHG Way of Clean standards all employees comply with in order to maintain everything in the hotel clean and orderly. Under the influence of the pandemic, IHG Way of Clean standard was modified and extended so that the focus is now on operative procedures related to cleanness, safety and health. New standards which are implemented in response to Covid-19 pandemic include: Clean Champion, Clean Promise, physical distance, personal hygiene products and hand sanitizing stations.

The entire hotel fosters “Clean Culture”, whereas the CEO as “Clean Champion” and managers of the sector are the main promoters of such culture. “Clean Promise” is a guarantee for all guests that everything in the hotel is clean and disinfected in accordance with the applicable standards, with appropriate chemicals.

The signs which stipulate mandatory physical distance were set up at all locations where guests or employees tend to gather, group, or queue, e.g. at the reception desk, hotel lobby, in front of elevators, in bars and restaurants, spa centre, etc. Hand sanitizing stations were provided either as free-standing dispensers or dispensers mounted to the wall at all locations that are frequently attended by guests and employees. Every hotel entrance is furnished with disinfection barriers and stations, as well as every space which separates two organizational units and work sections. The public area and the area for employees are furnished with posters and notices, universal signs and signalization.

For all guests who stayed at the hotel, breakfast was prepared A la carte. Guests and clients had a special menu at their disposal, a unique blend of traditional restaurant meals and homemade food, which was promoted across social networks as “Takeaway”. Crowne Plaza Belgrade remained loyal to its clients and advanced its home delivery service. The hotel made all its specialties from the regular offer available through home delivery. The entire period was marked with a number of popular weekend actions: “Hot meat-pie breakfast”, “lamb baked in clay pot for slava”, New Year Dinner, Christmas Lunch, Easter Lunch or Family Lunch.

In 2020, in cooperation with Delta Foundation, the hotel organized daily deliveries of free meals for medical staff.

Crowne Plaza Belgrade was the only hotel in Europe which realized and exceeded all four goals, in terms of dinner service, room cleanness, energy saving and employee efficiency. When it comes to Winning Metrics, in 2020, the hotel was constantly among the top three hotels in Europe, with extremely high grade throughout the year.

Delta Holding is the owner one more IHG hotel – hotel Holiday Inn Belgrade. This hotel has 139 rooms, 2 of which are fully adapted to persons with disabilities. Executive rooms are situated on a separate floor within the hotel.

Open Lobby was renovated in 2019, which gave a completely new appearance to the entire hotel. The hotel introduced new amenities such as To Go Café and board games which the guests may use during their stay.

Within the hotel, there is a Singidunum restaurant which offers gastronomic specialties of the international and Balkan cuisine. Guests of the hotel may enjoy a fully furnished gym and a spa centre or use bicycles to exercise or tour the city, free of charge.

With the aim of promoting environmental protection practices, the hotel became a part of the environmental protection program IHG “Green Engage”. As the number of electric vehicles continues to rise, the hotel installed electric vehicle charges in the garage.

Holiday Inn has 7 conference rooms and a 2,500 m2 Belexpocentar hall for organization of conferences, meetings, fairs, promotions, celebrations, weddings, and other events.

In 2020, as the result of the pandemic of Covid-19, out of 61 scheduled events, only 11 were realized. The effect of the pandemic on the hotel industry has been substantial, for which reason Holiday Inn was open only 7 months.

Even though the year 2020 was very challenging for all employees, good service was once again recognized by the guests. “Torchbearer Award” was a real measure of success in 2020 – the award demonstrates that guests recognized high level of service in the hotel.

Due to the overall situation caused by the pandemic, IHG raised the bar of cleanliness at the highest possible level. As a part of this group, the Hotel adapted and introduced all “IHG Way of Clean” standards, in order to maintain safe environment for its guests and employees. In 2020, cleanliness score was 94.12% at annual level, whereas the bar was set at 85% by IHG.

Another achievement is the score given by a Mystery Guest, who rated the effort and service in 2020 with 100%. All employees are proud of the achieved result. Hard work and efforts are recognized by IHG corporation. Despite all the challenges, employees in the Hotel were always at the top of their game, which is evident from the abovementioned results and customer satisfaction, and the achieved results stem from continuous education and effort of all employees.

Plans for 2021/2022 include:

  • Opening of a new office building Delta House

The opening is planned for June 2021. A class office building was designed by a renowned architect Ami Mur, in accordance with the latest global standards. The construction started in December 2019. The total area of the building amounts to 22,314m2. The building includes 2 underground levels with 188 parking spaces and 11 levels above ground with modern office space, restaurant and cafeteria. Delta House is the owner of LEED certificate, which demonstrate compliance with the principles of environmental protection in the domain of construction and maintenance. Designed to be energy efficient, the building will collect and use rain water, whereas green surfaces on the parcel will exceed the developed portion of the parcel. The project envisages maximum usage of daylight and air capacity in accordance with the strictest international standards. The investment is worth EUR 40 million.

  • Opening of the shopping mall Delta Planet in Niš

The construction of the first regional shopping mall Delta Planet started in December 2019, and the opening was planned for April 2021. The value of the investment is EUR 70 million.  The shopping mall stretches across the area of 40,000 m2, with 2 floors, 850 parking spaces, 4 electric vehicle charges and 42 parking spaces for persons with disabilities. The shopping mall will have an impressive offer of about 100 world-renowned brands, many of which will be presented in Niš for the first time. The Company also plans to arrange the quay along the river of Nišava, set up a playground and plant 90 new trees, 140 evergreen and deciduous trees and 6,000 ornamental bushes. The innovative architectural design of the shopping mall is in line with the global retail trends.

  • Opening of the Indigo Hotel

The building is a part of the cultural and historical core “Knez Mihailova Street” and it dates back to 19th century. It consists of two parts with different number of floors connected at the level of the ground floor, basement and through the atrium. The total area of the building amounts to 7,500 m2, out of which 4.000 m2 is intended for office space, and 3.500m2 for guests of the hotel. The focus is on the increase of energy efficiency and preservation of the existing facades, which are a part of the cultural and historical core. The hotel is a part of InterContinental chain. The value of the investment is 7.6 million euros.

  • Reconstruction, renovation and adaptation of Sava centar

Sava centar, one of the symbols of Belgrade, which dates back to 1977-1979, is the largest international conference, cultural and commercial space in Serbia. The complex was built in accordance with the design created by Stojan Maksimović, and it is connected through a heated corridor, i.e. pedestrian pathway, with the hotel Crowne Plaza. The building was purchased in November 2020. The Company plans to expand the existing area of 83,093 m2 to 88,798m2. Recognizable exterior will remain, whereas the interior will be a blend of the existing elements and contemporary solutions in terms of safety, comfort, technology, amenities and visual experience. The Company wishes to create a space which will once again be able to host important gatherings, conferences and cultural events and return Sava centar on the map of European conference centres. The beginning of repair works is planned for the third quarter of 2021, and the deadline for completion is the first quarter of 2024. The assessed value of the investment is around 80 million euros.

  • Continuance of the construction of the fulfilment centre in Stara Pazova

The second phase of the construction of the fulfilment centre for the needs of new, regional e-commerce platform Ananas is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021. New high-bay warehouse building will be constructed on the area of approximately 16,000m2. It will provide appropriate logistic support to long-term development of sales and distribution of products to buyers across the region.

  • Construction of the shopping mall Delta Planet in Sarajevo

The construction is planned to begin in 2022, and expected to be completed in 2025. It will be the only Delta Planet shopping promenade which will include a shopping mall and residential area within the complex. It will have a gross area of 118,000 m2, with 120 global brands and 1,200 parking spaces. The value of the investment is 90 million euros.

  • Construction of a commercial-residential district Delta Land

The overall area of the complex will be 228,215 m2, and the value of the investment is 210 million euros. The works are planned to begin in 2022. This location used to be the seat of the Belgrade Cotton Factory, an industrial complex in the city centre which will become a new green oasis. Residential buildings covered in greenery and surrounded by the most prominent cultural, commercial and historical locations, will be designed to fit the needs of all generations and lifestyles, from domestic to contemporary, urban living.