Delta Auto Group consists of:

  • Delta Motors – exclusive importer, distributer and servicer of BMW and MINI vehicles for Serbia and Montenegro and BMW Motorrad motorcycles for Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia;
  • Delta Automoto – general representative of Honda automobiles and motorcycles for Serbia and Montenegro.

Three more entities operate within Delta Automoto company:

  • Delta Polovni Automobili – seller of certified used vehicles,
  • Delta Auto Servis – authorised maintenance centre for BMW and MINI vehicles aged 6 and more, and
  • Delta Rent-a-Car.

Delta Auto Group operates in accordance with the principles of a quality management system which is based on the standard ISO 9001/2008. Recertification audit of the quality management system in Delta Motors was carried out in 2018, when Delta Motors was granted a new certificate with a three-year period of validity in accordance with the higher level of ISO 9001/2015, which was successfully extended in 2019 and 2020 after the audit performed by a certified inspection company SGS. The inspection company did not find a single non-conformity.

Even though the pandemic of Covid-19 brought about a drop in turnover, due to closed showrooms, limited communication with clients, the fact that International Auto Show was not organized, as well as regular promotional activities, thanks to the optimization of portfolio and operative expenses, the Group EBITDA grew by 12%.

In 2020, the Company continued with successful implementation of the client satisfaction survey “Voice of the Customer”, which was designed and proposed by BMW Group in 2017. Maintenance clients and buyers of new vehicles are invited via email or text message to fill in an online questionnaire a week after their visit to the showroom. Clients’ answers are not limited with formed questionnaires and pre-defined questions – they have the opportunity to express their observations, satisfaction or dissatisfaction with open comments. The clients that seek additional clarifications or have requests of any kind are contacted by a competent person within 24 hours. Clients’ comments are coded in accordance with different criteria set by BMW on its online platform, where each comment is recorded, together with client’s grade and the steps taken. The percentage of client satisfaction is measured by the NPS result which represents the difference between positive and negative grades in relation to the overall number of surveyed clients. Clients’ coded comments, in accordance with the defined topics that need to be discussed, are analysed at the meetings attended by directors of all sectors of the company who make up “Customer Board”. Pursuant to the conclusions from the meetings (that are organized quarterly), the Company drafts an action plan with measures for the improvement of client satisfaction. The Company successfully realizes the adopted action plans to prevent the causes of possible dissatisfaction in the future.

The project Voice of the Customer is successfully implemented and carried out in Delta Automoto as an internal solution, according to the model from Delta Motors. The Company monitors the satisfaction of Honda clients and clients of Delta Auto Service, thus contributing to the improvement of communication with clients. In Delta Automoto company, the project is currently being improved and upgraded.

In 2020, Delta Motors implemented the project “Mystery Shopping” and achieved 100% compliance with requirements of the Process Excellence and Customer Treatment.

As a permanent member of the Foreign Investors Council, in cooperation with other car companies, Delta Auto Group seeks support and implementation of different measures by state authorities. Three most important issues are the following:

– prevention of illegal import of non-original parts, the use of which presents a threat to traffic safety,

– fabrication of EUR 1 certificate for imported used cars, which makes trade in used cars non-transparent and off-market, and

– introduction of a larger number of electric vehicle chargers with the aim of supporting the owners of these vehicles.

As the entire 2020 was marked by Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine and state of emergency, Delta Auto Group adjusted its commercial activities and the activities across social networks and the media.

The situation with regard to pandemic and preventive measures in facilities was notified through newsletters sent to the entire BMW, MINI, BMW Motorrad and Honda client base. In addition, the Group introduced preventive measures: cleaning and disinfection of showrooms and maintenance centres, compliance with rules on mandatory distance, and special protective measures for the inside of serviced vehicles.

The Group introduced a new service to BMW, MINI, Honda, BMW 6+ clients – Pick Up & Delivery. Within this service, the employee is sent to client’s address, where it takes over the client’s vehicle, drives it to the maintenance centre and returns a disinfected vehicle to the client after the maintenance or repair. The new service offers clients the possibility to have their vehicles serviced or repaired without leaving their home.

For BMW and MINI clients of the maintenance centre, the group introduced a special kind of report CiTNow, which clients receive via email or text message, with the link of the vehicle that is being serviced. This kind of reporting allows clients to have a transparent insight into any repairs that might be necessary while the vehicle is still in the maintenance centre, but it was also a great solution in the course of pandemic, as clients did not have to visit the maintenance centre repeatedly.

BMW group enabled the clients who had bought their BMW and MINI vehicles in Serbia and Montenegro to extend the guarantee period, as well as maintenance of vehicles for the extended guarantee packages, thus providing additional safety to its clients.

As the Company cares about employee training and education, it organized online trainings for employees by Product Coach, which were recorded personally and uploaded to YouTube channel – Delta Auto Education. The access to YouTube channel was granted to employees only. This way, the employees did not miss out on training, but continued to upgrade their knowledge. In 2020, the Company uploaded 35 video trainings, i.e. 13.7 of training per employee.

Vehicle sale was also adjusted to the epidemiological conditions. Sales teams presented models in short video materials that were shared across social networks and sent to clients. The clients had the possibility to get all information about vehicles without visiting showrooms. BMW Motorrad sales advisers prepared vehicle presentation materials, and short footages with different pieces of advice for motorcycle ride.

The Company also created a channel for communication with BMW and MINI clients and fans – podcast. All kinds of topics were discussed – Hybrid and electric vehicles, BMW financing and novelties (CitNOW, BMWDriving assistant view system, Pick up & Delivery, etc.).

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was noticeable that people have the need to hear information that is not strictly related to the pandemic. For this reason, the media were regularly informed about various interesting facts in relation to brands represented by Delta Auto Group, such as: history of BMW logo, From Beirut back to Munich – a story about BMW 2002 (E10), BMW Driving Assistant View system, History of Honda motorcycles, Virtual tour of Honda Collection Hall (virtual museum), Honda Moto GP champions, etc. In addition, in cooperation with Top Speed channel, the company prepared a special video titled “A walk through BMW showroom” presenting a part of what visitors would have been able to see at the Show, in connection with special offers. During the state of emergency, SAT Media Group broadcasted live from Delta Automoto maintenance centre, presenting all undertaken measures on site (protection and disinfection of vehicles). CSR Manager of BMW Group also joined the SAT show for comments.

Social networks channels were used to animate followers and interact with themThe company created a special MINI page, where parents sent works of art made by their children, and uploaded the book MINI Magical Adventure on its website and made it available for reading and download.

In June and July, BMW SERBIA supported GVC EASTERN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP and put its fleet of vehicles at the disposal for transport of ATP players, thus becoming the official vehicle sponsor of this international contest. The latest model from BMW Series 1 was displayed by the court. The contest was organized in accordance with the recommended epidemiological measures, without the audience.

At the end of the year, local brand Škrabac and MINI created a limited edition of MINI vehicles “MINI X ŠKRABAC ART EDITION” – consisting of 4 unique designs of MINI Hatch models that are only available in Serbia.

With the purchase of any MINI model, MINI Serbia organized safe drive training for all beginners, offering an introduction into theory and practical part which allows them to safely experience all kinds of risky situation in everyday traffic. This project was titled “My first car”.

BMW and MINI introduced a number of electrified models in their portfolio. With the aim of promoting vehicles that reduce adverse effects on the environment, official website of the company featured a Q&A text made of most frequent clients’ questions and answers – “All you need to know about electrified vehicles” which allows clients to gain insight into the world of electric and hybrid vehicles. This was also a way to promote subsidies the government grants to buyers of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Honda’s first electric vehicle with batteries for Europe, Honda e, was awarded “German car of the year 2021” at the prestigious Car of the Year contest, becoming the first Japanese vehicle to win this prize, whereas Jazz model won maximum 5 stars in the most recent round of safety tests Euro NCAP.

Honda motorcycle drivers and team members organized a ride to Tara Mountain and used the time for socializing, in accordance with the imposed measures.

Delta Auto Group will continue to support socially responsible campaigns and events in the years to come.

Delta DMD

Together with its logistic operator DTS, Delta DMD combines the services of distribution, warehousing and logistics.

Delta DMD offers its clients the services of sale, brand management, marketing, distribution, and merchandising.

The portfolio of Delta DMD includes regional brands such as Tikveš, Violeta, and Fun&Fit, as well as renowned global brands such as Ferrero, Diageo, SC Johnson, Beiersdorf, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

These brands achieve extraordinary sales results on the Serbian and Montenegrin markets, as Delta DMD cooperates with more than 6,000 buyers and supplies over 10,000 retail and wholesale facilities, sole trade businesses, specialized wholesale units and HoReCa channels.

During the challenging 2020, Delta DMD worked on the improvement of all business segments, with responsible behaviour on the market. The supply chain was not interrupted for a single day, not event at the time of the most severe crisis and state of emergency. The Company ensured uninterrupted supply of the products from its portfolio, all the while protecting the health of its employees. From the very beginning of the pandemic, the Company ensured sufficient quantities of protective equipment for field work. At the same time, the employees whose positions do not require work from office or field, were instructed to work from home as of March. The application of all the available technological solutions allowed the work to continue without obstacles.

Regardless of the difficult work conditions brought about by the pandemic, employees had several hundred hours of online training at their disposal, numerous work processes were automatized and enhanced, and the consumption of consumables (office supplies), was reduced by more than 10%, whereas the optimization of routes for sales agents (indirectly and for deliver vehicles) led to the reduction of fuel consumption by 16%.

The 2020 results include:

  • Increase in EBITDA by 3%, despite difficult conditions brought about by the pandemic;
  • Increase in the market share of the distributed brands according to the survey of Nielsen company.

Delta DMD continually adjusts its operation to buyers’ needs because only satisfied buyers can contribute to the company’s success. The aim of customer satisfaction surveys is to improve products and services in accordance with the proposals suggested by customers. In 2020, the Company was graded in the following manner:

The survey results show high level of customer satisfaction in regards to the quality of products and services. In order to further enhance the results, Delta DMD will widen its’ portfolio in the upcoming period.


Delta Transport System (DTS) is a company specialized in logistic services. From its foundation in 2008, DTS has continually improved its business practices with the aim of raising the quality of services in the domain of logistics through innovations and in compliance with the principle that every client is entitled to a special business model.

DTS offers its clients the services of warehousing, domestic and international transport (by road, air, groupage, container), freight forwarding, customs clearance and 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics Provider). As a 4PL Provider, DTS offers its clients integrated management of product stocks and the status in warehouses, as well as tracking of deliveries in real time.

Upon recognizing the potential of the regional market, in 2016, the Company opened its representative offices in Montenegro (Podgorica) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka).

DTS manages the entire supply chain with the latest IT resources – Warehouse Management System (WMS), Satellite Fleet Tracking System, Transport Management System (TMS), as well as SAP ERP software (modules MM, SD, FI, CO).

DTS’s warehouse has 26,000 pallet spaces for products that need to be stored under different temperature regimes (5 temperature regimes from -20 to +25°C). The company delivers 100,000 kg of cargo on a daily basis to 800 different locations across Serbia, whereas the department of additional logistic services takes care of 70,000 products daily.

DTS has Cross Dock stations in Vrbas, Čačak and Niš which allow the goods to be taken over without keeping them in warehouses.

With a solid distribution network which consists of over 9,000 unloading locations, application of the latest technologies and highly motivated, professional and dedicated staff, DTS manages to maintain high level of logistic services provided to its clients.

Road Transport

DTS fleet transports over 1,000 pallets and travels 12,000 kilometers per day. Products are transported in vehicles with different temperature regimes with the capacity of 2 to 25 t.

To track the quantities of products, vehicles and the temperature of the cargo area, DTS uses Track & Trace System which allows its clients to receive information about their shipment anytime, with the automatic confirmation of delivery.

LCL transport services are carried out from central warehouses in Europe where goods are consolidated. Clients may take over their shipments in any part of Europe within 48-72 hours.  DTS transports commercial and seed products, and provides the service of organized collection and transportation of dangerous ADR cargo.

Air Transport

DTS offers its clients the possibility to transport goods from an airport to an airport, or from door to door, anywhere across the globe. It operates as a direct agent of all airlines which fly from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as an exclusive partner of other logistic companies across the world. In addition to professional and safe service, it offers its clients the best logistic solutions and competitive air transport prices with AAR insurance.

In June 2020, the Company established an exclusive partnership with the company C.H. Robinson, the largest logistic platform in the world with more than 200,000 clients.

Ferry Transport

The Company provides services of container transport of FLC and LCL shipments and transport of goods that require special temperature regime (FRIGO container). As a direct agent of world’s shipping companies, DTS provides services of transport to ports across the globe. The partnership with C.H. Robinson ensures a large base of clients and guaranteed quality of services at the most distant ports around the world.

Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Services

DTS provides services in the domain of import and export customs brokerage, temporary importation, active and passive processing, and warehousing.

As an authorized consigner and consignee of the goods in the transit procedure, DTS provides its clients direct dispatch of goods, without waiting, from DTS premises to customs post, and the possibility of delivering the goods for import customs clearance directly to our premises without any waiting. Freight forwarding offices are situated in the customs posts Port of Belgrade, Kvantaš, Port of Novi Sad and Airport Belgrade.

Clients also have the possibility to label their goods through IT resources, with the obligation to deliver the documents subsequently.

DTS Montenegro offers its clients warehousing, domestic and international transport (road, air, container and groupage transport) freight forwarding and customs clearance, as well 3PL services.

Warehouse of the company DTS in Podgorica has 3,000 pallet spaces for goods stored under different temperature regimes.

As for customer satisfaction, the average grade of Key Accounts was 4.71, which is by 0.26 higher in comparison with the previous year. The accuracy of the forwarded documents grew from 90% to 98%.

DTS BIH offers its clients the services of domestic and international transport (road, air, container and groupage transport). In 2020, the representative office in Banjaluka celebrated its 5th anniversary and continues to mark growth in all business segments, extend partnerships with major clients, and expand the basis of clients through partnerships and its own list of clients.

In 2020, new certification audits were carried out in Delta DMD and DTS for standards IFS Logistic 2.2, ISO 9001:2015, and HACCP System. The audit performed for the Higher Level of the IFS Logistic Standard found that the compliance with requirements was 98.68%. This extremely high score is the proof of quality of the company’s business and the overall service it provides.

Throughout the year, principals and clients inspected business operation and the implementation of environmental protection principles, health and safety at work and fire protection. All the inspections were realized successfully to mutual satisfaction.