Environmental protection is essential for survival and progress of any society. Welfare of people and all living beings largely depends on the environmental conditions in their surroundings. Delta Holding’s business strategy incorporates the goals of environmental protection which aim at ensuring business without pollution and degradation and a balanced use of natural resources.

When realizing its business activities, the Company acts responsibly towards the environment and strives for stable progress with minimum negative effects on the local and global surroundings. As key action areas, internal and external stakeholders identified energy efficiency, care for air, water, soil and other natural resources. For this reason, the Company resorts to innovative solutions and clean technology for avoidance and reduction of environmental pollution.

Non-renewable resources, including energy sources, are preserved by being replaced with renewable resources. The Company invests all its efforts in the protection of water resources. Sustainable waste management is the result of reduced generation of hazardous waste and other kinds of waste, and the result of implemented alternatives for their reuse. Preservation of biodiversity and the protection of natural and cultural values of the protected areas are also integrated in the business principles of the Company.

The Company regularly educates its employees about the importance of environmental protection through the intranet portal within “Eko Kutak”section. Regular lectures serve to educate the employees about possible threats to the environment and the importance of adhering to ecological principles in everyday business. A general environmental protection policy was adopted at the company level, to include monitoring, measuring, reduction and prevention of pollutant release into the environment, namely water, soil, and air. Energy saving instructions and guidelines on proper waste selection and disposal are displayed in all offices.