Delta Holding fosters corporate culture which values integrity and ethical behaviour. Ethical standards are deeply rooted in everyday business; every decision is adopted in conformity with such standards, and employees and business partners respect the standards of responsible business conduct.

The Company’s Code of Ethics stipulates behavioural norms for employees and the employer, including respect for human and employment rights, employee’s right to salary and defined working hours, professional training, healthy work environment, as well as employer’s obligations to respect diversity, prevent abuse at work, enable career development, professional training, and protect whistleblowers.

Ethics of the employees is the cornerstone of the Company’s success, for they are the ones who lead the operations, represent the Company, and preserve reputation.

For all issues with regard to ethics and integrity, employees may address Human Resources Department and expert associate for labour law. In addition to protecting employees’ rights, the Code also defines basic responsibilities, i.e. diligent and professional performance of job duties, protection of a business secret and assets of the Company, prevention of conflict of interest, compliance with anticorruption and anti-monopoly policy, protection of personal data, responsible communication with stakeholders, and consideration of their needs and interests in day-to-day business.

Business partners, suppliers and other entities are expected to implement policies and procedures that prevent enforced labour or child labour. In addition to protecting human rights and maintaining fair work conditions, our suppliers have to adhere to all laws and regulations that prohibit bribery, corruption, and other unethical practices. Contracts concluded with business partners also stipulate an obligation to respect the principles of environmental protection.

As a part of sustainability goals and guidelines for 2021, the Company decided that 100% of employees will undergo training on business ethics every year.

Code of Ethics is available to all employees on the intranet portal and in the form of printed brochure. Parts of Code of Ethics are integrated in employment contracts. To become acquainted with all the details of the Code, newly employed personnel may resort to their employment contracts or the introductory email.

On the intranet portal, employees may also find Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which promotes care for employees, business partners, community, and environment. The Company also abides by the 10 principles of UN Global Compact, standard ISO 26000, Code of Business Conduct, Pro Bono Policy and Business Etiquette.