Miroslav Mišković,

President of the Supervisory Board of Delta Holding

The fact that 2020 Report is published in the year in which we celebrate 3 decades of successful business says a lot about how sustainable the development of the Company is. Responsibility towards employees, partners, community, and environment is the cornerstone of our business from the day the Company was founded. I am proud that we are one of the leaders in sustainable business, as well as business in general, in the region of the Western Balkans.

Unfortunately, we cannot speak about 2020 without mentioning the pandemic of Covid-19. We invested all our efforts into protecting the health of our employees and their families, the health of our business partners and the community in which we live and work. Even though the pandemic was a surprising and unforeseeable event for all of us, we are exceptionally pleased with the response of our team, the way we reorganized business processes, ensured protection from mass infection, and finally provided timely immunization. Despite all the challenges, we managed to stay responsible towards our business and retain great business results, without which we wouldn’t be able to provide salaries for our employees and contributions with which the company of our size participates in entitlements and public spending.

Despite extremely challenging work conditions during 2020, we managed to realize some of the greatest steps in the history of our Company. Our portfolio is now expanded by another shopping mall, modern ULO cold store in Zaječar, and fruits and vegetables distribution centre in Nova Pazova. We are particularly proud of the fact that Sava Centar, a world-renowned conference centre, also became a part of Delta Holding. We took on the assignment to renovate, modernize and return it to Belgrade and its guests as the most beautiful conference centre in this part of the world.

The pandemic was not the reason to introduce changes, but an additional incentive to speed them up. It is precisely what Delta does. The Company has been going through digitalization for quite some time, and now we are making our final moves in this direction. Launching of our e-commerce platform “Ananas” is the culmination of this process.

In this special year we also moved into our new headquarters, Delta House. We introduced changes into the organization of the Company, and most substantial one is the transfer of CEO role to our long-time Vice President Milka Vojvodić, who will lead the Company in cooperation with experienced and professional Executive Board.

We demonstrated that, even though the crisis was a great impact for all of us, it gave us a chance to see whether we have an established system and professional staff capable of retaining it under exceptional circumstances.

Even in the crisis caused by the pandemic, we continued to implement the program Young Leaders, which makes Delta Holding recognizable in the entire region for continuous employment of young, educated and ambitious individuals. The program is about to receive its tenth generation. We also implement the program Compass, intended for students. In addition, over the past years, we have continually realized Delta Business Incubator, our project of support to startups, new business ideas and businesses.

All current and planned activities implemented with the aim of providing support to the community continue in the manner adjusted to the present situation. We continue to help the locals from the project “Our Village”, the aim of which is to share knowledge about modern agriculture and provide aid in funding, by more extensive use of digital communication tools. With a number of activities, which are described in this Report, we helped them to overcome the crisis and retain their income.

As of 2020 Delta Holding is at the head of the managing board of the Serbian UN Global Compact Network. This title is a great recognition for us, but it also obliges us to continue to promote the 10 principles of the Global Compact and Goals of Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

The abovementioned clearly indicates that our Company went through numerous changes, in fact, that a new Delta is being born. But there is something that persists from the very foundation of our Company and we refuse to let it go. The principles of responsible business, striving for excellence, and care for people, without which these results would be impossible. Those were Delta’s key principles in the first 30 years of operation, and we continue to adhere to them in the years to come.